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Monday, November 1, 2010

Time & Matters

Hello guys, it's my third post.
First i'd like to thank everyone who visited my blog also and glad to have 10 followers. Yehey!

As I said on my first post, i have 2 jobs, so it's really hard to keep up on everyday routine, i hardly have time to brush my teeth sometimes.
Anyways, it was a very busy day today so i didnt have time for an adventure, but it's not that bad. The other day right after i got out from work, I saw the most beautiful sunset this October so I took a panoramic shot real quick! The picture is below:

I just love the color contrast of reds & blues. I wish i was in a right place. It's composed of four shots and stitch with a freeware Autostitch. Now i'm thinking of making a blog about photography exclusively!

Until next time.