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Friday, October 29, 2010

Funniest Videos

Hello guys. Finally got time to post somthing. really tired though. so im gonna make it quick.
just wanna post some of my most favorite videos, the most funny ones that never fails to make me LOL.
I know these are old vids bit they still put smile in my face. yeah even snot & dripping saliva coz of laughter.

Enjoy :D

Funny Arab Guy

The Funniest Prank in History

The Magic Lemonade

The Talking PiƱana

Japanese Prank (Superior)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

That Chase Venture card commercial!

first, an apology, it's my first time posting a blog. didn't know how everything work yet. I meant my blog title to be "What's in you wallet?"
yeah exactly, it's from the famous chase venture card commercial.

See the thing is, i have two jobs working my butt all day and, after seeing they're ad, i think it's a good idea to have one of those, especially the double the miles promo. So i called they're number and yeah yeah watever... after few days i received the mail from them saying: DENIED!

Wooooow, i was denied! not that i'm surprised but really? They are showing vikings on they're commercials having a chase card. Yes Vikings! what kind of job vikings have? do they have good credit? why do they have a freakin' chase venture card? I have two jobs and can't have one of those coz i don't have enough credit  but vikings can! you know what i'm talking about? false advertisement! it's like saying having a chase venture card is easy, even a viking can do it!

But you can't!!

sorry, it's my first blog and i'm kinda ranting already. anyways, i'll try to post a more interesting post next time :D