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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bloggie blog

So i was relaxing enjoying a movie entitled Crazy People when suddenly someone's banging the door! Immediately i got out and open it to see this gentleman holding a FedEx box and asking for my signature..
i was so surprised 'cause i wasn't expecting any package. So i was reluctant to take the box & kinda ask the guy, "Is this for me?" while i was thinking, "this isn't the chainsaw i want to buy from ebay, it can't be i didn't commit to buy it!" obviously the box is too small, so maybe it's the Jason Mask i've been dreaming to buy!
But the delivery guy said, "You sign up for some bank..?"
Then i realized and exclaimed "Ohhhh... it's my bloggie!!!!1!"
Yup! I just got my bloggie compact camera today, a gift from Keybank! I'm so happy & excited that i could finally make videos for my blog.
Here are some pic of my new Sony bloggie:

Annnnnd yeah! today is sooooo exciting & funny, too, remember i told you i was watching Crazy People (a movie about corporate getting ideas for advertisements from mentally retarded people) ? So when i got back to my couch after opening the box, the movie ended this way: