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Thursday, October 28, 2010

That Chase Venture card commercial!

first, an apology, it's my first time posting a blog. didn't know how everything work yet. I meant my blog title to be "What's in you wallet?"
yeah exactly, it's from the famous chase venture card commercial.

See the thing is, i have two jobs working my butt all day and, after seeing they're ad, i think it's a good idea to have one of those, especially the double the miles promo. So i called they're number and yeah yeah watever... after few days i received the mail from them saying: DENIED!

Wooooow, i was denied! not that i'm surprised but really? They are showing vikings on they're commercials having a chase card. Yes Vikings! what kind of job vikings have? do they have good credit? why do they have a freakin' chase venture card? I have two jobs and can't have one of those coz i don't have enough credit  but vikings can! you know what i'm talking about? false advertisement! it's like saying having a chase venture card is easy, even a viking can do it!

But you can't!!

sorry, it's my first blog and i'm kinda ranting already. anyways, i'll try to post a more interesting post next time :D